Richard Sanders
University of Houston


Math 3331 - Ordinary Differential Equations.
M&W 1-2:30, SEC201.

Course Syllabus
We'll have 3 midterms + the final.

My assistant is:
   Xiaoqian Chen
   Office 347 PGH
   Casa Wed 10:30-12:30

Homework 1 (pdf file, 30KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 894KB)

Homework 2 (pdf file, 28KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 868KB)

Homework 3 (pdf file, 44KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 693KB)

Exam 1 (pdf file, 24KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 315KB)

Homework 4 (pdf file, 41KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 797KB)

Homework 5.1 (pdf file, 53KB)
Duhamel example with complex integration. (pdf file, 375KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 1234KB)

Homework 5.2 (pdf file, 36KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 2028KB)

Exam 2 (pdf file, 23KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 368KB)

Homework 6 (pdf file, 49KB)

Math 3364 - Complex Analysis.
M&W 4-5:30, F154.

Course Syllabus
We'll have 3 midterms + the final.

My assistant is:
   Sulaimon Oyeleye
   Office TBA
   Casa Th 12-3

Homework 1 (pdf file, 53KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 586KB)

Homework 2 (pdf file, 34KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 452KB)

Notes (pdf file, 242KB)
Homework 3-1 (pdf file, 38KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 1369KB)
Homework 3-2 (pdf file, 20KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 471KB)

Exam 1 (pdf file, 21KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 412KB)

Homework 4 (pdf file, 49KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 778KB)

Homework 5 (pdf file, 35KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 779KB)

Homework 6 (pdf file, 57KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 5083KB)

Exam 2 (pdf file, 30KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 396KB)

Homework 7 (pdf file, 77KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 1410KB)

Homework 8 (pdf file, 81KB)

Display High speed cylinder wake (8064K) animation.
Display High speed diffuser (6479K) animation.

Interacting Singular Shocks Animation
Display (4243K).
Display (1115K).
Display (924K).
Display (1470K).

Display 2 toy airplanes mpg (213K) animation.
Display NASA Mars mpg (83K) animation.

Display A jpg test.
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