Richard Sanders
University of Houston


Post Exam Week Schedule
Will be in today, Tues May 15, shortly after 2:00 until 5:00.

Math 3331 - Ordinary Differential Equations.
T&Th 11:30-1:00, CBB 110.

Course Syllabus
We'll have 3 midterms + the final.

My assistant is:
   Thuyen Dang
   CASA T&Th 2:30-4:00
   PGH 347 T&Th 1:15-2:15
   email TBA

Homework 1 (pdf file, 30KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 893KB)

Homework 2 (pdf file, 28KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 868KB)

Homework 3 (pdf file, 28KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 971KB)

Exam 1 (pdf file, 22KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 294KB)

Homework 4 (pdf file, 44KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 693KB)
Hanging Chain Expl (pdf file, 35KB)

Homework 5 (pdf file, 41KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 797KB)

Homework 6.1 (pdf file, 53KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 1234KB)
Homework 6.2 (pdf file, 36KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 2077KB)

Exam 2 (pdf file, 26KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 398KB)

Homework 7 (pdf file, 49KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 851KB)

Homework 8 (pdf file, 32KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 2016KB)

Homework 9 (pdf file, 35KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 664KB)

Exam 3 (pdf file, 28KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 405KB)

Final Exam (pdf file, 34KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 747KB)

Math 3335 - Vector Analysis.
T&Th 4:00-5:30, SEC 202.

Course Syllabus
We'll have 3 midterms + the final.

My assistant is:
   Jasmine Bhullar
   CASA M&W 2:00-4:00
   PGH 343 T&Th&F after 1pm

Homework 1 (pdf file, 60KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 1263KB)

Homework 2 (pdf file, 45KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 975KB)

Homework 3 (pdf file, 47KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 780KB)
Don't worry about title on solutions. They really are hw3.

Exam 1 (pdf file, 27KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 363KB)

Homework 4 (pdf file, 41KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 424KB)

Read only if you're interested.
Notes on lp norm (pdf file, 54KB)

Please see I've added Homework 5.0
Homework 5.0 (pdf file, 70KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 957KB)
Homework 5.1 (pdf file, 71KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 1071KB)
Homework 5.2 (pdf file, 27KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 191KB)

You will be asked to derive these "Gradient Identities" on exam 2.
Homework 6 (pdf file, 43KB)

Exam 2 (pdf file, 30KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 505KB)

Homework 7.1 (pdf file, 49KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 1427KB)
Homework 7.2 (pdf file, 41KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 1204KB)

Homework 8 (pdf file, 261KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 1405KB)
Supplement to hw8. No exercises or test material.
Supplement (pdf file, 52KB)

Exam 3 (pdf file, 28KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 567KB)

Final Exam (pdf file, 41KB)
Solutions (pdf file, 885KB)

Display High speed cylinder wake (8064K) animation.
Display High speed diffuser (6479K) animation.

Interacting Singular Shocks Animation
Display (4243K).
Display (1115K).
Display (924K).
Display (1470K).

Display 2 toy airplanes mpg (213K) animation.
Display NASA Mars mpg (83K) animation.

Display A jpg test.
Display A gif test.
Display A ppm(gzip'd) test.