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Office: 208 PGH

Office hours: MoWe in 222 Garrison  Noon _1:00PM

Math 1311

sec 21696 online TuTh 5:30PM_7:00PM

Math 2303

 sec 18928 online TuTh 7:30PM_9:00PM

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Math 1310

sec 14792 MoWe 5:30PM_7:00PM F160

Math 1311

 sec 22203 MoWe 2:30PM_4:00PM SEC101

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An incomplete (I) may be awarded to you by your Teacher if the following criteria are met: The reason is a compelling NON-ACADEMIC reason. You have completed virtually all the course assignments. You have a passing grade on this work. Incompletes are NOT available to students who have done little of the coursework nor for students who have failing grades on what they have done.

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