This semester I teach a junior course in Discrete Mathematics %Algebra and a senior course in Graph Theory. Specific information about these courses is available on UH PeopleSoft, My office number is 623 PGH and my office hours are by appointment Minuteman Conjectures .
In Fall 2003, I began to teach Knowledge Based Algorithms (KBA)
"Ashes and Diamonds" is a list of a few "benzenoid" conjectures discussed in this class ending with the first diamondoid conjecture.
"Ashes and Diamonds II" is continuation of this list containing open conjectures about annihilation number and diamondoids.
In Spring 2004, I began to teach an extension of this course: Tutorials with
The slides of my Fall '08 AAAI Washington lecture tell how a prediction based on a conjecture of Graffiti led to a discovery of a stability pattern of classical fullerenes, winning in the process an argument against one of the well-known fullerene experts. I also define in these slides the impression-expression models and explain in this context controversies about what are and what are not, conjecture-making programs. Further discussion of these issues can be found in Toward Fully Automated Fragments of Graph Theory, II and to a greater extent in the Postscript To Fully Automated Fragments of Graph Theory.
The web page of DeLaVina contains a bibliography of papers about these programs and the resulting conjectures.
Examples are Forever are reminscences about Paul Erdos emphasizing his interactions with Graffiti.

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