Honesty Policy in Mathematics Classes at UH

University of Houston students are expected to adhere to the Academic Honesty Policy (see the Academic Honesty Policy from the Student Handbook for more details). Both cheating and lying are violations of the UH Honesty Policy.
Any student in violation of the UH Honesty Policy will receive a grade of F on any assignments, quizzes, or exams involved in the incident, and will be turned over to the department chair and dean for further disciplinary action. It is not uncommon for violations to result in failing a course or expulsion from the university.

It is also UH policy that any student aware of a violation of the honesty policy is honor-bound to report the incident to a professor or faculty member. Failure to report any such incident is a violation of the honor policy, and the person failing to report the incident may face disciplinary action as well.

Keep in mind that cheating or lying are both grounds for failure or expulsion. Also keep in mind that failing to report cheating or lying is a violation that puts you in just as much trouble as the person who cheats or lies.

Ignorance of the Honest Policy or ignorance of what constitutes cheating or lying are not acceptable excuses for violations. If you are unsure of what is considered cheating or lying, here are some examples to give you a better idea. (Keep in mind that neither of these lists is exhaustive, and many behaviors not on these lists may constitute cheating or lying.)

Examples of Cheating

Examples of Lying

The Student Handbook also lists additional categories of academic dishonesty.

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