Graph Algebras: Bridging the Gap between Algebra and Analysis

Editors: Gonzalo Aranda Pino, Mercedes Siles Molina, Francesc Perera

This book is a product of the Workshop on Graph Algebras held July 3--July 8, 2006 in Málaga, Spain that was hosted by the Departmento de Álgebra, Geometrí, y Topología of the Universidad de Málaga. The talks at the meeting were delivered by five speakers, each of who wrote up the material from their series of talks in a chapter of the book. The five chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1: C*-algebras, higher rank algebras, and algebraic uniqueness theorems, by Iain Raeburn
Chapter 2: Structure of graph C*-algebras and generalizations, by Mark Tomforde
Chapter 3: Leavitt path algebras: history and first structural results, by Gene Abrams
Chapter 4: Graded ideal structure, the exchange property and stable rank for Leavitt path algebras, by Enrique Pardo
Chapter 5: The realization problem for graph algebras and algebraic K-theory, By Pere Area

An online copy of this book is available.

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