Math 6395, Spring 2010

Basic Info

Instructor: Dr. Mark Tomforde
Office: 601 PGH
Phone: 713-743-3672
Office Hours: (by appointment)
Syllabus: Download the Syllabus
Lecture: MW 4:00PM -- 5:30PM in 11 AH

This course is an introduction to graph C*-algebras. We will begin with a quick introduction to operator algebras and C*-algebras, and then look at a way to construct a C*-algebra from a directed graph. We will study these graph C*-algebras and develop a detailed theory that will allow us to describe much of the C*-algebraic structure in terms of the corresponding graph. We will also see how the theory of graph C*-algebras has applications to other parts of operator algebra, and how it can be used to illustrate many aspects of general C*-algebra theory.