Undergraduate Research with a UH Professor

If you are interested in doing an undergraduate research project with a professor at UH, you can do so throughout the school year or during the summer. If you're unfamiliar with undergraduate research projects in Mathematics, see see this brief guide for a description and advice on undergraduate Mathematics research projects..

Approaching a UH Math Professor about Supervising an Undergraduate Research Project

UH Support for Undergraduate Research

If you would like to receive financial support, the following are possibilities.
If you would like to receive academic credit for your research project, the following options exist. In general, you can receive either financial reimbursement or academic credit for a research project, but not both.

Publishing Results of Undergraduate Research

The following journals publish articles written by undergraduates. If you have been involved in undergraduate research, they are appropriate places for you to submit an article for publication.

Presenting Results of Undergraduate Research

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