Monograph of the New York Journal of Mathematics

This work was published in the monograph series of the New York Journal of Mathematics.

One-sided shift spaces over infinite alphabets
by William Ott, Mark Tomforde, and Paulette N. Willis

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Abstract: We define a notion of (one-sided) shift spaces over infinite alphabets. Unlike many previous approaches to shift spaces over countable alphabets, our shift spaces are compact Hausdorff spaces. We examine shift morphisms between these shift spaces, and identify three distinct classes that generalize the shifts of finite type. We show that when our shift spaces satisfy a property that we call "row-finite", shift morphisms on them may be identified with sliding block codes. As applications, we show that if two (possibly infinite) directed graphs have edge shifts that are conjugate, then the groupoids of the graphs are isomorphic, and the C*-algebras of the graphs are isomorphic.

Acknowledgements This work was partially supported by a grant from the Simons Foundation (#210035 to Mark Tomforde) and also partially supported by NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship DMS-1004675.

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