Special Accommodations in Math Classes at UH for Students with Disabilities

It is math department policy that the only accommodation made for students with disabilities is the following:

Twice the allowed time on in-class exams or quizzes.

To qualify for this accommodation, your should contact the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) to discuss how you may obtain proof of your disability, and to complete a Student Accommodation Form (SAF), which must be presented to the professor of your class in a timely manner for accommodations to be approved. No retroactive accommodations will be provided.

As stated above, the only accommodation provided in mathematics classes is "Twice the allowed time on in-class exams or quizzes". This is because accommodations for undergraduate mathematics courses are not supposed to change the essential nature of the course or provide an unfair advantage to one student over another. Notably, in the event that calculators and/or formula sheets are allowed for all students in a course, then all students may have them. If, however, calculators and/or formula sheets are not allowed to anyone, then no one may have them and they may not be provided as special accommodations.

Testing for exams or quizzes that are allowed twice the time to complete are usually done at CSD and must be coordinated with your professor.

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