Miscellaneous Links

This is an eclectic collection of resources for students, particularly students studying mathematics in a serious way. Some of these links are educational, useful, or thought provoking. Others are primarily for entertainment.

1. Mathematics and Academia 2. Writing 3. LaTeX 4. Productivity 5. Movies 6. Infographics 7. Optical and Auditory Illusions 8. Diversions

Mathematics and Academia

Useful while Traveling

Textbook Recommendations

Mathematical Databases

Some of the Best Writing about Mathematics

Legendary Math Writing

There are a number of urban legends about various written works in math (shortest, longest, funny titles, etc.). Some of these are real, and some are not. Here are some of the real ones.

Mathematics Videos

Math and Science Songs

Mathematics Problems

Pi Day and the Tau Manifesto

Entertaining and Educational

Academic Humor


General Writing

Mathematical Writing

Writing Books (Mathematical or Otherwise)

Grammar and Style

Writing Tools


Getting Started with LaTeX

LaTeX Tools and Resources

LaTeX Templates



Notebook Organization

Background Noise

Getting Things Done

Time Management


Theaters in Houston

Reviews and Info for Movies

Short Films


Video Infographics

Animated GIFs

Infographic Images

Optical and Auditory Illusions

Spatial Perception


Shape, Distance, and Color

Seeing What is Not There

Audio Illusions


Classics of Literature

Amusing Images

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