AUCTeX mode

AUCTeX is an Emacs package that provides considerable help for LaTeX (and TeX in general).
E.g., it will insert the \begin{}...\end{} constructs, helps you with the syntax, etc.
It comes with a manual (see AUCTeX's home-page), and is available on all Linux machines.

To invoke it, put in your ~/.emacs file the command

(require 'tex-site)
		; invoke the AUCTeX package (LaTeX support)

(this assumes that the package is available on your machine; if not, you can dowload it from

Next time you run Emacs, whenever you start a file whose name ends in .tex (or other related ending), Emacs will switch to AUCTeX.
Note that this over-rules the "default" treatment of TeX files. If you prefer that, comment out the above line from ~/.emacs.

WARNING: AUCTeX does not know all the LaTeX commands; you might have to type some by hand (instead of relying only on the choices offered by Emacs).

Here are a few more often used commands (you can find them on the menus as well):

C-c C-e


C-c ]

C-c C-c

C-c C-v

C-c #

M-TAB (or ESC TAB, if M-TAB has another meaning on your system)

C-c ` (note: this is the "backward" quote)
C-c C-w