Tuesday, May 30: Tutorials
9-10am: Paul Bressloff--Stochastic hybrid systems
10-10:30am: Break
10:30-11:30am: Joel Zylberberg--Information theory: Slides 1; Slides 2
11:30am-1pm: Lunch
Parallel Tutorials: 1. Stochasticity and network dynamics; 2. Information theory and neural coding
1-2pm: 1. Paul Bressloff--Stochastic hybrid systems; 2. Joel Zylberberg--Correlations and information transmission
2-3pm: 1. Brent Doiron--Neuronal variability in recurrent networks; 2. Sophie Deneve--Spike coding networks
3-3:30pm: Break
3:30-4:30pm: 1. Stefano Fusi--Computational principles of synaptic memory; 2. Sophie Deneve--Spike coding networks

Wednesday, May 31: Main Conference, Day 1
9-9:10am: Welcome
9:10-9:50am: Paul Bressloff (University of Utah)
9:50-10:20am: Break
10:20-11:50am: Parallel Session 1
11:50am-1:10pm: Lunch
1:10-1:50pm: Ila Fiete (University of Texas)
1:50-2:30pm: Stefano Fusi (Columbia University)
2:30-3pm: Break
3-4:30pm: Parallel Session 2

Thursday, June 1: Main Conference, Day 2
9-9:40am: Marla Feller (University of California Berkeley)
9:40-10:20am: Sophie Deneve (Ecole Normale Superieure)
10:20-10:50am: Break
10:50am-12:20pm: Parallel Session 3
12:20-1:40pm: Lunch
1:40-2:20pm: Danielle Bassett (University of Pennsylvania)
2:20-3pm: Peter Thomas (Case Western Reserve University)
3-5:30pm: Posters
7-10pm: Banquet at West Flanders Brewing Company

Friday, June 2: Main Conference, Day 3
9-9:40am: Nicolas Brunel (University of Chicago)
9:40-10:10am: Break
10:10-11:40am: Parallel Session 4
11:40am-1pm: Lunch
1-1:40pm: Brent Doiron (University of Pittsburgh)
1:40-2:20pm: Taro Toyoizumi (RIKEN Brain Science Institute)
2:20-2:50pm: Break
2:50-4:20pm: Parallel Session 5
4:20-4:40pm: Poster Awards and Farewell