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Conference in honor of Professor Roland Glowinski on the occasion of his 60th birthday

May 5-7, 1997
Tours (France)
INRIA, University of Houston and GAMNI/SMAI

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With the emergence of advanced computational and information technologies, we can expect Computational Science to have an increasingly significant impact on Engineering, Physical and Biological Sciences and even on Social and Economical Sciences.

The goals of Computational Science are to develop and analyze sophisticated Mathematical Models in order to simulate and control complex processes, while optimizing computer resources in order to solve increasingly large problems. Reaching these goals will require theoretical and algorithmic tools drawn from the fields of Partial Differential Equations, Control Theory, Optimization Theory, Software Development, Computer Architectures, Parallelization and Distributed Computations.

On the occasion of Professor Roland Glowinski's 60th birthday, the organizers have decided to bring together leading world experts in these areas. The goals are to define the state of the art and assess its impact on emerging technologies. We are confident that Prof. Glowinski's life long dedication to these fields and his pre-eminent career should guarantee the scientific success of this event.

The topics of the conference will range from abstract and theoretical subjects to applied and practical implementations. The conferences will be given by invited speakers only. Nevertheless, a poster session and a web pages demonstration will be open to each person interested. We believe that this synthesis will foster and define new ideas for the challenges of the 21st Century in Applied Mathematics and Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science.

This conference is organized by INRIA, University of Houston and GAMNI/SMAI, in association with:
Collège de France, Eccomas, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris, Université de Tours.

Conference location

Palais des Congrès "Vinci"
Tours (France).

Last minute information:
The checking desk of the conference will be opened from Sunday May 4th from 4:30 p.m to 7:00 p.m.

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