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Mathematics Colloquium – Fall 2013
Wednesdays, 3 – 4pm
room: PGH 646

[ and exceptionally SEC 206;
these will be advertised as such ]

September 18   Danijela Damjanovic
Rice University
  Actions with globally hypoelliptic leafwise Laplacian
September 25   Mariusz Urbanski
University of North Texas
  How the numerical value of Hausdorff measure depends on parameter in the context of conformal hyperbolic dynamics
October 9   Daniel Tartakovsky
UC San Diego
  Probabilistic Methods for Differential Equations with Uncertain Coefficients
October 16   Bin Han
University of Alberta, Canada
  Directional Complex Tight Framelets and Image Denoising
October 23   Felipe Voloch
UT Austin
  How many rational points does an algebraic curve have?
November 6   Giovanni Russo
University of Catania, Italy
  Ghost point finite difference level set methods on Cartesian mesh for elliptic and hyperbolic problems
November 20   David Uminsky
University of San Francisco
  Pattern formation and assembly in non-local PDEs
November 27   Thanksgiving
December 4   Michael Ward
University of British Columbia
  Beyond Turing: The Stability and Dynamics of Localized Patterns for Reaction-Diffusion Systems

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