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Mathematics Colloquium - Spring 2007

January 24
  Professor Mark Tomforde
University of Houston
Leavitt path algebras: At the crossroads of Algebra and Functional Analysis  
February 7
  Professor Peter Li
University of California, Irvine
Structure and connectedness at infinity of complete manifolds  
February 21
  Professor Misha Stepanov
The University of Arizona
Performance analysis of modern error correcting codes  
March 7
  Professor Pierre A. Gremaud
North Carolina State University
Modeling and computational issues in slow granular flows
March 23
-Special day-

  Professor Wolfgang Dahmen
RWTH Aachen and South Carolina State University
Near optimal recovery of signals from highly incomplete measurements  
- Joint with the Scientific Computing Seminar -
April 4
  Professor Truong-Thao Nguyen
City University of New York
The tiling phenomenon of 1-bit feedback analog-to-digital converters
April 18-19
  Neal Amundson's Lecture Series
Professor Daniel D. Joseph
(University of Minnesota)
April 25
  Professor Fabien Marpeau
Texas A&M University
Modeling the contamination of populations by a polluted environment  

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