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Mathematics Colloquium – Spring 2015
Wednesdays, 3 – 4pm
room: PGH 646

[ and exceptionally TBA;
these will be advertised as such ]

Semester starts Jan. 20
January 21   Adam Marcus
Crisply, Inc. and Yale University
  Interlacing families: a new technique for controlling eigenvalues
February 4   Graeme Milton
University of Utah
  Elastic Metamaterials
February 19
Thursday 1:30 pm
  Max Gunzburger
Florida State
  The Science of Ice Sheets: the Mathematical Modeling and Computational Simulation of Ice Flows
February 25   Edriss S. Titi
The Weizmann Institute of Science and TAMU
  Is Dispersion a Stabilizing or Destabilizing Mechanism?
March 16-21: Spring break
March 24-26   Amundson lecture series:
  Olivier Pironneau

April 15   Ruth Williams
  Resource Sharing in Stochastic Networks
Semester ends May 4

Changes/shifts are possible.

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