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Undergraduate Colloquium
Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

Tentatively: Fridays    lecture 4–5pm    discussions 5–6pm

[sponsored by the NSM Dean's office DUSEM grant]

Changes are possible.

April 14, Friday
PGH 646
  Damon Spencer
      University of Houston
      On Analytical Solutions to Passive 1-D Cloaking Systems

 Coupled oscillators
Coupled oscillators

    Katherine Wong
      University of Houston
      Hyperbolicity of Surfaces of Positive Curvature

Geodesics on a flattened surface

Chaotic billiard

April 27, Thursday
PGH 646 (tentative)
  David Crump
      University of Houston Law Center
      A Beginner's Introduction to the Riemann Hypothesis

 Riemann's notes
Riemann's notes (click for full size)

 Riemann's notes
First nontrivial zeros (click for full size)
[source of images]

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