Seminar on Complex Analysis and Complex Geometry

                                              Fall 2023

Please watch for changing meeting times due to speakers' travel plans. For more information, please send an email to Gordon Heier.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023, 11am-12noon, S 101 (note the special room)

Title: A Schmidt-Nochka Theorem for closed subschemes

Speaker: Aaron Levin, Michigan State University

Abstract: Schmidt's Subspace Theorem and Cartan's Second Main Theorem occupy central roles in Diophantine approximation and Nevanlinna theory, respectively. Proving a conjecture of Cartan, Nochka extended the Second Main Theorem to hyperplanes in so-called m-subgeneral position, and Ru and Wong proved an analogous extension of Schmidt's theorem. I will discuss recent work with Gordon Heier proving an inequality which melds inequalities of Schmidt and Nochka in the general setting of closed subschemes, and in particular gives a partial solution to generalizing the results of Nochka and Ru-Wong to hypersurfaces in projective space.



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