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For  further information, to suggest a seminar speaker, or to subscribe to the Dynamics Systems Seminar mailing list, please contact the webmaster.

Dynamical Systems Seminar - Spring 2023
preferred: Monday noon or 1pm
[zoom and/or in person]

Dynamics-related talks at Rice might also be included

Semester starts: January 17, Tuesday
January 30   Giuseppe Martone
Yale University
  Thermodynamic Formalism and Hitchin representations
March 6
NOON, room 218D
  Peter Nandori
Yeshiva University
  On consecutive long flights in infinite horizon Lorentz gas
March 9, THURSDAY 10:30 am   Noelle Sawyer
Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas
  Unique Equilibrium States for Geodesic Flows on Translation Surfaces
  Spring break: March 13-18 (Mon-Sat)
March 27
  Dan Thompson
Ohio State University
  Gibbs measures for CAT(-1) spaces - a geometric approach that survives branching
April 10
  Benjamin Call
University of Illinois Chicago
  Higher Mixing Properties of Unique Equilibrium States for Geodesic Flows on Translation Surfaces
April 17
  David Parmenter
Warwick University
  Constructing equilibrium states for some partially hyperbolic attractors
April 24
  Jason Day
University of Houston
  Equilibrium measures for shift spaces via dimension theory
May 8
1:00 pm, 648 PGH
  Manuel Stadlbauer
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
  Spectral triples and Dixmier traces for weakly expanding maps
Semester ends: May 1, Monday

Shifts in dates/times are possible.

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