TWIMS Nov 17-18, 2018


Texas Women In Mathematics Symposium is a 2-day conference for Texas mathematicians. The goal of TWIMS is to strengthen the network of female mathematicians in Texas, which will encourage collaborations and mentoring relationships.

In addition, participants have the opportunity to:

TWIMS supports the Non-Discrimination Statement of the Association for Women in Mathematics. Please take a look at the Code of Conduct for the conference.

The conference consists of parallel talk sessions Saturday and Sunday, a breakout session, professional development seminars, and a keynote address.

Saturday and Sunday meals and coffee will be provided to all registered participants.

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Organizing Committee

Dr. Yuliya Gorb (faculty advisor)
Duong Nguyen (co-chair) Kayla Bicol (co-chair)
Daewa Kim Sarah Chehade
Prajakta Bedekar Kate Nguyen
Jennifer May


This conference received financial support from the University of Houston's College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Department of Mathematics, and the Mathematical Association of America through the Tensor Women and Mathematics Grant.

The TWIMS 2018 organizing committee would like to thank Avani Dave, Linda Robinson, and Mariela Raudales for their support and guidance in organizing this conference.


Saturday, 17 November 2018
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Registration (SEC 100 lobby)
1:30 PM - 1:45 PM Introductory Remarks (SEC 100)
Dr Jiwen He (Department Chair, UH, Department of Mathematics.)
1:45 PM - 3:00 PM Keynote Lecture (SEC 100) -
Dr. Sunčica Čanić
University of California, Berkeley
Mathematical Problems in Fluids
3:00 PM - 3:15 PM Group photo (In front of SEC 100)
3:15 PM - 5:00 PM Presentation Session (20-min talks + 5 min Q&A )
Session A (SEC 202)
3:15-3:40 Jen Berg Rational solutions to polynomial equations and geometry
3:40-4:05 Aleksandra Sobieska Minimal Free Resolutions over Rational Normal Scrolls
4:05-4:30 Hayley Boynton On the Classification of Graphs Based on Their Rank Numbers
4:30-4:55 Rebecca Woods Preliminary Results of Topological Symmetries of a 3-rung Möbius Ladder Embedded on a Torus
Session B (SEC 203)
3:15-3:40 Christy Sue Langley Games in Education
3:40-4:05 Mary Flagg Zero Forcing: From Linear Algebra to the Power Grid
4:05-4:30 Sara Shirinkam n-generalized Quasi-Baer annihilator conditions
4:30-4:55 Rita Stanaityte ILU preconditioners for non-symmetric saddle point matrices with application to incompressible Navier-Stokes equation
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Dinner and Socialize

Sunday, 18 November 2018
7:30 AM - 8:30 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM - 10:10 AM Presentation Session (20-min talks + 5 min Q-A )
Session A (SEC 202)
8:30-8:55 Joanna Furno Dynamics of Rational Maps and Exponentials in the Limit
8:55-9:20 Meagan Carney Modeling Extremes in Dynamics under Stationary and Nonstationary Assumptions
9:20-9:45 Priyanga Ganesan A factorization problem in l^p spaces
9:45-10:10 Anna Vershynina How fast can entanglement be generated in quantum systems?
Session B (SEC 203)
8:30-8:55 Annalisa Quaini A computational study of lateral phase separation in biological membranes
8:55-9:20 Anyu Zhang Partitioning Data Using Monomial Bases to Improve Network Inference in Systems Biology
9:20-9:45 Simona Hodis Topological description of hemodynamics inside brain aneurysms
9:45-10:10 Bheemaiah Veena Shankara Narayana Rao Efficacy of Fishing zones in Marine Protected Areas
Session C (SEC 204)
8:30-8:55 Sarah Boon Analysis of the Trojan Y Chromosome Eradication Strategy
8:55-9:20 Janet Sossamon Surgical Performance Monitoring Using an Optimal Statistic
9:20-9:45 Natasha Astudillo Comparative introduction to mathematical theory of the Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy for a diffusion process: Classical approach vs simplified approach
9:45-10:10 Lale Asik Dynamics of a Stoichiometric Producer-Grazer System with Seasonal Effects on Light Level
10:15 AM - 11:30 AM Poster Session (SEC 100 lobby)
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Lunch and Break-out Session
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Panel discussion on Alternative Career Paths in Mathematics.
Our panelists, who started off with a mathematics degree, and used it as a stepping stone into various careers, will discuss various alternative career paths for math graduates, and how to get there. Panelist bios
Panelists:Dr. Mary Flagg (University of St. Thomas)
              Dr. Paulette Willis (Reasoning Minds)
              Dr. Dipanwita Saha (Cubic Corporation)

Salary Negotiation Workshop (SEC 202):
Led by Ms. Caitlin Deis (Career Counselor, UH Career Services)
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM Concluding Remarks
PDF of schedule.
PDF of abstracts.


Early registration deadline- 17th August 2018

Registration deadline- 17th September 2018

Abstract registration deadline- 24th September 2018

List of participants University/Research Institution/Company
Parastoo Malakooti Rad Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran
Stephanie Kimbrell Lockton Companies
Andrea Spalding Lone Star College
Carly Fagnant Rice University
Jen Berg Rice University
Leo Digiosia Rice University
Mae Markowski Rice University
Sara Edelman-Munoz Rice University
Sarah Seger Rice University
Mandi Freeman Sam Houston State University
Nuwanthi Samarawickrame Sam Houston State University
Taylor Martin Sam Houston State University
Anyu Zhang Southern Methodist University
Brandilyn Stigler Southern Methodist University
Bryn Brakefield Stephen F. Austin State University
Jane Long Stephen F. Austin State University
Megan Simison Stephen F Austin State University
Rebecca Woods Stephen F. Austin State University
Sarah Boon Stephen F Austin State University
Angela Brown Sul Ross State University
Aleksandra Sobieska Texas A&M University
Hannah Solomon Texas A&M University
Nida Obatake Texas A&M University
Priyanga Ganesan Texas A&M University
Janet Sossamon Texas A&M University - Central Texas
Katrina Weis Texas A&M University - Central Texas
Ana Martinez Texas A&M University - Commerce
Natasha Astudillo Texas A&M University - Commerce
Shachar Elisha Texas A&M University - Commerce
B. Veena Shankara Narayana Rao Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Simona Hodis Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Alina Rajbhandari Texas State University
Elizabeth Wrightsman Texas State University
Hayley Boynton Texas State University
Natalie Gomez Texas State University
Peter Cowsar Texas State University
List of participants University/Research Institution/Company
Lale Asik Texas Tech University
Akshat Das University of Houston
Amber University of Houston
An Vu University of Houston
Annalisa Quaini University of Houston
Arianna Cecco University of Houston
Daewa Kim University of Houston
Erin Gabrysch University of Houston
Iris Emilsdottir University of Houston
Jasmine Bhullar University of Houston
Jasmine Eshun University of Houston
Jeevandeep Kaur University of Houston
Jennifer May University of Houston
Joanna Furno University of Houston
Kayla Bicol University of Houston
Kaylee Nguyen University of Houston
Khanh Nguyen University of Houston
Lilly Schaffer University of Houston
Meagan Carney University of Houston
Megan Stickler University of Houston
Neal Nesbitt University of Houston
Oscar Villalobos University of Houston
Prajakta Bedekar University of Houston
Rita Stanaityte University of Houston
Sarah Chehade University of Houston
Sharon Manickam University of Houston
Shelby Blankenship University of Houston
Xi Chen University of Houston
Xiaoqian Chen University of Houston
Zainab Dadani University of Houston
Mariam Dadani University of Houston - Downtown
Christy Sue Langley University of Louisiana Lafayette
An Vu University of St. Thomas
Mary Flagg University of St. Thomas
Sarah Baca University of Texas at Austin
Sara Shirinkam University of the Incarnate Word

Parking Info

Non-UH participants can park in the Stadium Garage (first level, 3843 Holman St) which is quite close to SEC. Parking validations will be given at the registration table. These validations are the vouchers to pay for your parking tickets when you leave the garage. Limit 1 parking voucher per car per day.

UH participants whose vehicles display a valid student or faculty/staff permit may park in any non-restricted space (faculty/staff lots, all Zone parking lots) in most surface lots during weekends.



The Women and Mathematics program is an intensive 11-day mentoring program for undergraduate and graduate women in mathematics. The program brings together research mathematicians with undergraduate and graduate students on the campus of the Institute for Advanced Study and is designed to address issues of gender imbalance in mathematics. Activities include lectures and seminars on a focused mathematical topic, mentoring, discussions on peer relations, an introduction to career opportunities and a women in sciences seminar.


The primary mission of the Underrepresented Students in Topology and Algebra Research Symposium (USTARS) is to showcase the excellent research conducted by underrepresented students studying topology and algebra. Dedicated to furthering the success of underrepresented students, USTARS seeks to broaden the participation in the mathematical sciences by cultivating research and mentoring networks. USTARS is open to all people interested in the topological and algebraic fields.

EDGE for women

The EDGE Program is administered by Morehouse and Pomona Colleges with the goal of strengthening the ability of women students to successfully complete PhD programs in the mathematical sciences and place more women in visible leadership roles in the mathematics community. Along with the summer session, EDGE supports an annual conference, travel for research collaborations, travel to present research and other open-ended mentoring activities.

National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in Mathematics

The National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in the Mathematical Sciences is an NSF funded community of math sciences faculty and students with the goal of increasing the number of doctoral degrees in the mathematical sciences among groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in those fields.

Gulf State Math Alliance

The Gulf States Math Alliance (GSMath) is a community of mentors and scholars throughout the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi that seeks to make education in mathematics and mathematically-related subjects available to everyone. Gulf States Math Conference February 24-26, 2017 University of Texas at Arilington

Texas Section Project NExT

Project NExT is a program sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) for new and recent graduates with doctorates in the mathematical sciences who are interested in improving the teaching and understanding of undergraduate mathematics. At the national level, Project NExT provides workshops and a faculty network to share ideas and concepts in teaching and assessing college students. The Texas Section of the MAA offers Project NExT regional workshops and a special retreat during the fall semester. Faculty in their first four years of full time teaching at the college/university level are invited to apply to become Texas Section Project NExT Fellows.

MAA Tensor

The Tensor Foundation has provided funding to support projects designed to encourage women from middle school, high school, college, or university levels to study and persist in mathematics. On behalf of the Tensor Foundation, the MAA encourages college, university, and secondary mathematics faculty (in conjunction with college or university faculty) and their institutions to submit proposals to the Tensor Women and Mathematics Program. Projects may replicate existing successful projects, adapt components of such projects, or be innovative.


The Tensor Foundation has provided funding for the MAA to award grants for projects designed to encourage the pursuit and enjoyment of mathematics by students who are members of groups historically underrepresented in the field of mathematics. Projects may be designed for middle school students, high school students, or college/university students.


Since 1995, the Conference for Arican American Researchers in Mathematical Sciences has been hosting conferences highlighting current research by African-American researchers and graduate students in mathematics.


SACNAS is an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American scientists, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM.

TWIMS 2016

TWIMS 2016 was the first such symposium in this series. It was held in University of Texas at Austin on November 5, 2016. For more information, refer to TWIMS 2016

TWIMS 2017

TWIMS 2017 was held in Sam Houston State University on December 2, 2017. For more information, refer to TWIMS 2017