Upcoming Events

Fellowship and Internship Panel

When: November 16th, 2017 (4-5:30 pm)


Kate NguyenNational Science Foundation: Graduate Research Fellowship Recipient
Eric Platt, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Internship
Dipanwita Saha, Halliburton Internship
Kyle Williams, Department of Energy: Sandia National Lab Internship

As evidenced by the prestigious internships received by Kate, Eric, Dipanwita, and Kyle, there are internships and fellowships available for graduate students through various avenues. These distinguished students will discuss their process in achieving their success. For graduate students seeking such success, this is a great opportunity to ask your questions towards such pursuits.

Food and refreshments sponsored by SIAM will be served at this event.
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Direct and Inverse Scattering Problems

When: Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 (1:30-2:30 pm)
Where: PGH 646A

UH SIAM in conjunction with the Scientific Computing Seminar is proud to host

Dr. Songming Hou
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
Louisiana Tech University

Abstract: Direct and inverse scattering problems have wide applications such as radar, sonar, medical imaging etc. For the direct scattering problems, we are concerned with the case when the targets are not smooth. A high order accurate method is developed. For the inverse scattering problems, we discuss some direct imaging algorithms and some improvements. Numerical experiments demonstrate the efficiency, accuracy and robustness.

Snack and refreshments sponsored by SIAM will be served at this event.
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Past Events


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Mathematics in the Oil Industry (Anusha Sekar)
Mathematicians in Financial Services (Mrinal Raghupathi)
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2016 Math Jeopardy
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Houston Imaging Sciences Symposium
Fellowship and Internship Panel