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1.) "Why Be a Math Major?"/Careers: Posted job opportunities, internal and external, as well as short biographies of our Alumni and their "place" in the workforce. Biographical information (of recent graduates) may include name, major, minor, current occupation, as well as their experience during the hiring process. "Career TIPS" are provided for students interested in the following topics: ideal career choices, resume guidelines, common interview topics, current Pay Grades, personal marketability enhancement, and much more.

2.) Breaking News/Announcements: New information for undergraduates, including topics such as: Exam Review location/dates, Colloquium dates, Job Fairs, Readmission from Suspension, University Enrollment/Payment deadlines, and other academic opportunities for further enhancement.

*B.S. w/Option in Mathematical Biology*

*B.S. w/Option in Financial Mathematics*

3.) General Degree Specifications: Current and new degree requirements. This page specifies certain requirements that students often deem "confusing", such as: Natural Science Core courses for NSM majors, Social Science and Writing in the Discipline (formerly Writing Intensive) credit fulfillment (transferred and/or taken in residence), Double Degree vs. Double Major criteria, etc. *Note: Official requirements are found only in the Undergraduate Catalog Online. The information presented here is intended to be a helpful unofficial guide.

4.) New Policies: Course & Degree Updates: Information about current and new policies concerning courses (catalog changes), and degree requirement changes; as well as recent program additions and proposed programs. The Online Math Undergraduate Catalog lists Math course descriptions, as well as course prerequisites.*Note: Official requirements are found only in the Undergraduate Catalog Online. The information presented here is intended to be a helpful unofficial guide.

5.) NSM UAC Information: General information about the college of Natural Science and Mathematics, as well as the new Undergraduate Advising Center (120 Old Sci.)

6.) Cancelled Courses/Latest Schedule Changes: Information concerning daily course cancellations, as well as courses for the semester.

7.) Scholarships: Information concerning scholarships awarded by the Department of Mathematics. This link consists of scholarship types, as well as eligibility criteria and faculty contact information.

8.) Undergraduate Research Opportunities: Research opportunities are available in the Math department. If interested in other areas of research, not listed here, please inquire with either the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Dr. Peters), or the Communications Coordinator (Ms. Tai McAlister).

9.) Activities/Organizations: Various activities and groups for Math majors that include: UHME (Math Club), Pi Mu Epsilon, Annual High School Contest, MUSL (Mathematics Undergraduate Student Lounge).

10.) "Before You Graduate!": Graduation checklist is provided (by the college), as well as main issues for graduation disapproval among students; such as: Graduation Application Deadlines, Correct Degree Objective (indicated on the application form), Cumulative & Math GPA, The "C-" Rule, Official Major/Minor Degree Plans (filed), Submission of all General Petitions (for course credit, degree exceptions, change of major, NSM capstone options, etc.).