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David Blecher

Mailing Address:
Department of Mathematics
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-3476

Office: 622 PGH
Phone: +1 713-743-3451
Email: dpbleche@central.uh.edu
Fax: +1 713-743-3505
Personal Web Page: http://www.math.uh.edu/~dblecher/

About Me

I did my advanced degrees in Cambridge England (MASt), and Edinburgh Scotland (PhD). I've been in Houston pretty much since then, except for two years at U.C. Berkeley and University of Missouri. Trung, who designed this website chose the pictures above for me without asking me, but they are fun (e.g. of Cambridge, my birthplace London, etc) ...

Most of you probably know me as your teacher in class. I am also involved in mathematical research, in operator algebras, and functional analysis. Most of my research is concerned with the new field of operator spaces, also known as noncommutative functional analysis. For a gentle introduction to this subject, which I wrote for undergraduates, read

Notes for a graduate course on this topic may be found on my research page.

Currently I am serving as Undergraduate Director of the Mathematics Department. I am also an Associate Editor of the Journal of Mathematical Analysis, and Applications, and an editor of the Houston Journal of Mathematics (HJM). Papers for JMAA should be uploaded directly to the JMAA/Elsevier website , and it is quite probable that I will not be the editor assigned to your paper. If you wish to submit a paper for HJM follow these instructions.


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