Curriculum vitae


  • Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, 1971, Stanford University.
  • Post-Doc, 1971/72, (Health Services Research. Host: Professor George S. Fishman) Yale University.
  • Visting Scientist, 9/97 - 5/98 (Financial Engineering. Hosts: Professors Dimitris Bertsimas and Andrew W, Lo) Operations Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Employment History:

  • 6/02 - present, Professor of Mathematics, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Houston.
  • 6/81 - 5/02, Professor of Operations Research, College of Business Administration, University of Houston.
  • 9/76 - 8/81, Associate Professor of Operations Research, College of Business Administration, University of Houston.
  • 9/74 - 8/76, Assistant Professor of Operations Research, School of Business Administration, University
    of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • 8/72 - 6/74, Assistant Professor of Operations Research, Department of Administrative Sciences, Yale University
  • 8/71 - 8/72, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Yale University (Postdoctoral NIH Research Fellowship).
  • 7/66 - 8/71, Statistician, Memorex Corporation, Santa Clara, California.
  • 9/65 - 7/66, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Lamar State College of Technology,
    Beaumont, Texas.

Editorial Positions Held:

  • Area Editor in Computational Probability and Analysis, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 8/96 - 1/07.
  • Associate Editor, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 1/92 - 7/96.
  • Associate Editor, Operations Research, 1/83-12/87.


  • Planned Parenthood International
  • Momorex Corporation
  • Primo Systems 
  • Mobile Chemicals
  • Pan Canadian
  • Shell Oil Corporation
  • Harris County District Attorney's Office
  • 3D International
  • Chilton Capital Management, LLC

Doctoral Students Supervised:   For doctoral students supervised after 2002 (i.e., MATH PhDs), see listing under the tab "FMO"Unless stated otherwise,  all  students listed below graduated from the College of Business Administration, University of Houston, during 1980-1998.  An asterisk shows the employer of the first job after graduation with subsequent whereabouts unknown.

  •  Nicola Secomandi, "Exact and Heuristic Dynamic Programming Algorithms for the Vehicle Routing Problem with  Stochastic Demands,"  May 1998.  Current position:  Professor, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University.
  •  Sandra Ann Donhaiser Wilson, " Power Series Solutions of Priority Queues,"  October 1996. Hewlett Packard*
  •  Marion Spokony Smith, "Cost and Benefit Analysis of Product Warranty Policies,"  December 1991.  Current   Position,  Associate Professor, Jesse Jones School of Business Administration, Texas Southern University.
  •  Samkaran Kumar Narayanan, "Queuing Systems with Vacations and Priorities with Applications in Production and  Computer Systems Modeling,"  August 1989.  ATT Bell Labs*.
  •  Prawit Ittimakin, "A Matrix-Geometric Solution of a Queueing Problem in which Customers Require a Random Number of Servers," May 1988.  ATT Bell Labs*.
  • Chiunsin Lin, "Computing Stationary probabilities of Service Systems with QBD Structures: with Applications in Computer Systems Modeling,"  August 1987.  Taiwan Chiao Tung Unveisty*
  • Wei-Chung Ko, "Continuous Review (s,S) Inventory Policies," June 1984.  National Taiwan University*
  • Sheng-Lin Chang, "Computer System Performance Evaluation:  Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis,"  June 1983.  National Taipei Institute of Technology*
  • Rezki Lounnas, "Planning Horizon Analysis in Sequential Decision Processes,"  Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Houston, April 1981.  SONATRACH*
  • Gai-Hie Grace Tung, "Planning Large Scale Public Care Delivery Systems," May 1980.  EDS*


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