Giles Auchmuty
Professor of Mathematics - University of Houston

Office Location: PGH 696
Telephone: (713) 743-3475
Fax: (713) 743-3505

Physical, and mail, address is
University of Houston
Department of Mathematics
4800 Calhoun Ave,
Houston, TX 77204-3008


         In Spring 2017, I will teach Applicable Analysis, M6361. This is an introduction to the analysis of finite dimensional optimization problems see here for an outline. Currently (Fall 2016) I am teaching   M3364 Complex Analysis and M6360 Applicable Analysis . The syllabi for both courses are available on the Math department web-site and the textbooks recommended there will be used for th classes. See the links for more detailed information about the classes. My office hours are 2.30-3.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Research Interests:

        My research is currently supported by NSF award DMS 1108754 to study "Steklov spectra and Div-curl analysis".   Maxwell's equations are the most important examples of div-curl systems. See the link to Research for more information.  Much of my recent research has centered on Steklov eigenproblems. These are eigenproblems for partial differential equations where the eigenparameter is in the boundary conditions. They are important for studying boundary conditions and trace theorems for elliptic problems.  This work is theoretical mathematics, involving convex and functional  analysis, partial differential equations and variational principles. There are related computational questions that could be of great  interest as research projects including some that do not require a lot of mathematical knowledge.

        For a full listing of research papers, arranged by topic, see Scientific Publications.
        See  also the Google Scholar   listing.
   or Reviews from    MathSciNet

Research Students and Projects:    

      Here is a listing of  Ph.D. graduates whose theses I  have supervised. Currently Juan F. Lopez is pursuing research projects with me. I have supervised many M.S. theses and some undergraduate honors students on a variety of mathematical  topics. If you are interested in studying  problems that involve partial differential equations or the calculus of variations - especially ones that arise from applications - feel free to contact me about possible projects.


              Received  an undergraduate degree in pure and applied mathematics from the Australian National University and S.M. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Chicago in applied mathematics. Held positions at SUNY, Stony Brook and Indiana University, Bloomington before coming to UH as a Professor of Mathematics in 1982. Was President of UH Faculty Senate in 2004 and have served on many departmental, college and UH search and other  advisory committees.

           Have held visiting positions at the University of Bonn, Oxford University, University of Sydney, the Fields Institute in Toronto and the Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton amongst others. Elected Fellow of the Australian Mathematical Society in 2015.  Was a Program Director in the Division of Mathematical Sciences of NSF in 2005-2007. 
Have served on many national award and review panels  including, currently, Fulbright awards in Mathematical Sciences. 


        Currently I am on the editorial board of the SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis (SIMA).   For information on SIMA please go to the SIAM website

        I am also on the board of Nonlinear Analysis and Differential Equations, published by Hikari Press and of the  Electronic Problems section, SIAM Review.

        This section associated with SIAM Review welcomes unsolved problems in applied and applicable mathematics. Contributors should send proposed problems to Cecil C Rousseau. If you can solve posted problems please let the proposer and SIAM know about your solutions.


Current Address: Department of Mathematics, PGH Building, University of Houston, Houston, Texas 77204-3008
Phone(UH): (713) 743-3500 - Fax(UH): (713) 743-3505