Giles Auchmuty
Professor of Mathematics - University of Houston

Office Location: PGH 696
Telephone: (713) 743-3475
Fax: (713) 743-3505

Physical, and mail, address is
University of Houston
Department of Mathematics
Houston, TX 77204-3008

        Welcome to this UH web site which is intended to provide data regarding my research.    I no longer teach scheduled classes or supervise graduate students but am pleased to discuss mathematical topics, and research projects with people.    E-mail to the above address is the best way to contact me.  

       Other information about my activities and research is available from search engines including Google Scholar and LinkedIn. Mathematical Reviews and MathSciNet list most of my mathematical papers. Their collaboration engine says that my graph shows  SS Chern, C. Fefferman and Ilya Prigogine numbers of 2, Hormander and Nirenberg collaboration numbers of 3,  Chandrasekhar, Erdos and von Neumann collaboration distances of 4, an Einstein number of 5, and a Turing number of 6. MathSciNet lists only 1 co-author for Alan Turing - so his collaboration subgraph is quite small.

         Many of papers have treated topics involving either bifurcation theory, spectral theory or optimization and the calculus of variations. They have included papers on  the analysis of problems arising from applications in astronomy, biology, chemistry, classical field theories, fluid mechanics and finance.   A listing of research papers, arranged by subject matter is available here at  scientific papers.

       At UH 12 students have completed Mathematics doctoral theses at UH under my guidance as well as 1 at Indiana University, Bloomington.  If you have questions, or comments, about any of my publications please contact me at the above e-address.



        Currently I am on the editorial board of  Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization and of Nonlinear Analysis and Differential Equations, published by Hikari Press. Please send submissions directly to the publishers. 



Current Address: Department of Mathematics, PGH Building, University of Houston, Houston, Texas 77204-3008
Phone(UH): (713) 743-3500 - Fax(UH): (713) 743-3505