Doctoral Graduates:

The following is a list of students who completed Ph. D. under my direction and their current, or last known, positions.
Any updates, or corrections, will be appreciated.

  • Clyde E. Collins Jr., Ph.D. 1981 (Indiana University, Bloomington.),  Starbase, Inc, Santa Ana, Ca.
  • Xianwu Zeng, Ph.D. 1985. Professor of Mathematics, Wuhan University, PR China. (retired)
  • Jeffrey J. Morgan, Ph.D. 1986, Professor of Mathematics, University of Houston, Houston, Tx.
  • Wen Yao Jia, Ph.D. 1992, Cinergy Corp, Houston, Texas.
  • Canfang Zhai,  Ph.D. 1997, Elliptus Technologies Inc., Richmond, Virginia.
  • Ahmad Qawasmi, Ph.D. 1999, Consultant, Dubai.
  • Edwin Tecarro, Ph.D. 2000, Dept of Mathematical Sciences, U of  Houston, Downtown.
  • John Alford, Ph. D. 2002, Dept of Mathematics, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville.
  • Qi Han, Ph.D. 2012, Dept of Mathematics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
  • Puchen Liu, Ph.D., 2013,  Houston.
  • Mauricio A. Rivas, Ph.D., 2013, Dept of Mathematics, Wake Forest U, Winston-Salem, NC..
  • Manki Cho, Ph.D., 2014, Dept of Mathematics, U of Houston



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