MATH 5397-02 Discrete  Mathematics  II  (ONLINE)


Updated: August 22, 2008

This course is meant for  students who wish to pursue a Master of Arts in Mathematics (MAM). Please contact me  in order to find out whether this course is suitable for you and/or your degree plan.
For a variety of reasons, Undergraduate Students cannot take this course or any other course within the MAM program.
For further info about MAM, please visit
and follow the link to MAM.

Book (required): Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth H. Rosen, McGraw-Hill, Sixth edition. (But  fifth edition is fine)

The course deals primarily with Boolean Algebras and Modeling Computation. These topics are dealt with in the last two chapters of the Rosen Book.

Modeling computation is covered to a much greater extent by the

Book (highly recommended): Introduction to the Theory of Computation by Michael Sipser, International Thomson Publishing (first or second edition)

Very Important: Math 5396, Discrete Mathematics, is not a formal prerequisite for  Discrete  Mathematics II.  If in doubt, just send  an e-mail to

Grading: Three Tests 45%, Homework 15%, Final 40%

Homework has to be submitted by the deadline. I do not accept late homework. Always submit what you got, and on time.
If you have problems, feel free to contact me by e-mail. Always include your name in the subject field. Your HW file will be returned with comments and correction marks.

All homework has to be submitted by e-mail to
as a Scientific Notebook (SN) attachment. For details concerning SN, scroll further down.
Your e-mail message should have the subject field completed like
Subject: Your name, HW # , for example
Subject: John Smith , HW 1
and file name should be
which will have the extension .tex or .rap

Each home assignments must be submitted as one single file even if it covers several sections. And it must be submitted to and not to any other of my e-mail addresses.

Homework problems (do also the exercises)  and Test Dates:

Problems for 10.1 /11.1   due Monday, September 8
Problems for 10.2/11.2    due Monday, September 22
Problems for 10.3/11.3    due Monday, September 29

TEST 1, Saturday, October 4, 11-13 PGH 646

Problems for 11.3/12.3    due Monday, October 13
Problems for 11.4/12.4    due Monday, October 27

TEST 2, Saturday, November 1, 11-13 PGH 646

Problems for 11.1/12.1    due Monday, November 10
Problems for  11.5/12.5   due Monday, November  24
Essay on the Pumping Lemma, plus 12.4 :23, 24, 25 sixth edition (11.4: 17, 18, 19, fifth edition))
due Saturday, December 6, that is the  day of the Final

FINAL  Saturday, December 6, 11-14 PGH 646

Problems and Comments on Boolean Algebras SNB file              Problems and Comments on Boolean Algebras PDF file    
Problems and Comments on Modeling Computation SNB file      Problems and Comments on Modeling Computation PDF file
Turing Machines SNB File                                                          Turing Machines.pdf  PDF file  

These notes have been prepared with  Scientific Notebook (SNB). Student will need this program for  turning  in Homework as e-mail attachments.  This program is available for $99  through MacKichan Software at

SNB saves files in LaTeX  which is the world standard for mathematical documents. LaTeX documents have the extension .tex However, my notes contain graphics, like diagrams for logic gates and automata. Unlike LaTeX, SNB includes  graphics as part of the document.  Therefore  my notes have the extension .rap , and not .tex 

The same applies to your homework. If you include graphics, say logic gates, then you must export your file as a wrap file which includes your graphics files,  which are otherwise stored locally on your computer.

Taking tests off-campus:
UH DE request that students provide at least three institutions near them. In turn, UH DE will contact those institutions and confirm if they have proctoring services and gather any other important details students need.
DE students wishing to have their exams proctored must contact
Jeff Bauml
by e-mail
or by phone:

However, if possible you should take tests on campus. Online graduate courses are not meant to save you time and gasoline. Living in nearby cities, like Katy, Humble, Sugarland or the Woodlands should not be a reason to take tests off campus. If you have to take the tests off campus, then certain WebCT Testing Center Policies must be obeyed:
1. Introduce yourself to the proctor and be prepared to show a valid photo id.
2. Once you have started a test, you cannot leave the testing room for any reason. If you decide to leave the testing room, you have to turn in your test, and the proctor should not allow you to continue the test.
3. You should take a test at the scheduled day. If this is impossible, then you have to ask me for permission to take it a couple of days earlier or later.

A student who wishes to take a test off campus, has to provide me at least one week ahead of time with the necessary information how to contact the proctor/testing center. I prefer to send tests by e-mail as a PDF file attachment.
You must make sure that the proctor returns your test by FAX within a few  workdays.