Maxim A. Olshanskii

Professor of Department of Mathematics
at University of Houston.

Also Iam adjunct professor of
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Emory University
and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Research interests:
My fields of expertise are numerical analysis, computational PDEs, numerical linear algebra, computational fluid dynamics.

Current interests include: computational free surfaces, unfitted finite element methods, numerical PDEs posed on surfaces and in a bulk, Cardiovascular computational mathematics, numerical modelling of biomembranes and material surfaces, non-Newtonian and high speed flows, linear algebra tools in computational fluid dynamics.
New book My current research is supported by NSF through the projects "Unfitted Finite Element Methods for Partial Differential Equations on Evolving Surfaces and Coupled Surface-Bulk Problems" and ``Collaborative Research: Variational structure preserving methods for incompressible flows: dicretizations, analysis, parallel solvers'' as well as by ARO through the project "Long-term Stable Conservative Multiscale Methods for Vortex Flows".

I am authoring three textbooks in numerical linear algebra multigrid and domain decomposition methods:
Iterative Methods for Linear Systems: Theory and Applications,
Lectures and exercises in multigrid methods,
Short course on multigrid and domain decomposition methods.
New book
Service on editorial boards:
Journal of Numerical Mathematics (Managing Editor)
Computational methods in applied mathematics
European Journal of Mathematics
Central European Journal of Mathematics (2006-2014)

Department of Mathematics
University of Houston
651 PGH Houston, Texas 77204
tel:+1-713-743 3500

email: molshan (at)
Emory University  University of Houston   Moscow State University