Maxim A. Olshanskii

Department of Mathematics
University of Houston.

Research interests:

My field of expertise is computational mathematics and mathematical modeling.

Current interests include: coupled and multi-physics problems, fluid dynamics,  interfaces and geometrical PDEs, finite element methods, reduced order models, cardiovascular computational mathematics, numerical modelling of biomembranes and material surfaces, numerical linear algebra.

My research profiles can be found at Google Scholar and Researchgate.

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I am co-authoring or co-editing a few books:
Personalized Computational Hemodynamics,
Models, Methods, and Applications for Vascular Surgery and Antitumor Therapy.
Geometrically Unfitted Finite Element Methods and Applications.
Iterative Methods for Linear Systems: Theory and Applications,
** Book review from SIAM Reviews,
Lectures and exercises in multigrid methods,
Short course on multigrid and domain decomposition methods.

Service on editorial boards:

Journal of Numerical Mathematics (Editor in Chief)
Computational methods in applied mathematics
European Journal of Mathematics
Central European Journal of Mathematics (2006-2014)

Department of Mathematics
University of Houston
651 PGH Houston, Texas 77204
tel:+1-713-743 3500

email: molshan (at)
  University of Houston