PhD Students:

Demetris Hadjiloucas

Demetris submitted his thesis January 2001 (UMIST). Thesis title: Regularity of invariant graphs. Demetris held a postdoc at UMIST, then was a Research Fellow at the University of Crete and is now an associate professor at the European University Cyprus.

Miguel Mendes

Miguel (University of Surrey), submitted December 2002. Thesis title: Dynamics of piecewise isometric systems with particular emphasis to the Goetz map. Currently an associate professor at University of Porto.

Andrew Scott

Andrew (University of Surrey), submitted December 2003. Thesis title: Livsic theorems and the stable ergodicity of compact group extensions for systems with some hyperbolicity. Currently a Senior Developer at IDBS in Guildford.

Sheena Branton

Sheena (University of Houston), submitted August 2008. Thesis title: Sub-actions for Young Towers.

Chinmaya Gupta

Chinmaya submitted his thesis in May 2010.Thesis title: Statistical properties of chaotic dynamical systems: extreme value theory and dynamical Borel-Cantelli lemmas. Chinmaya is now a Senior Data Scientist for Allstate Insurance Company.

Licheng Zhang

Licheng's thesis was awarded May 2015. Thesis Title: Statistical properties of chaotic dynamical systems: non-stationary central limit theorems and extreme value theory. He is currently a Research Scientist at Houston Methodist Hospital.

Meagan Carney

Meagan's thesis was awarded May 2019. Thesis Title: An investigation of the statistical properties of chaotic dynamical systems through extremes and recurrence: a theoretical and applied approach. She is currently a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden.


Aarti Jajoo

Aarti worked on an NIH funded project, joint with Methodist Hospital, `` Novel Imaging Informatics Platform for Craniomaxillofacial Surgery''. Currently a Research Scientist, Kadener Lab, Brandeis University.

Nikita Sidorov

Nikita worked on the project Dynamics of Noncompact Skew Products at UMIST from 1998-2001. He is now a lecturer at the University of Manchester.

Mark Holland

Mark worked at the University of Surrey on the project Statistical Properties of Dynamical Systems with Symmetry. He is now a senior lecturer at the University of Exeter.