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 PDE Seminar

For further information, or to suggest a PDE Seminar speaker, please contact David Wagner.

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Seminar on Partial Differential Equations
Spring 2019

All talks in PGH 646A, Friday at 2:00 PM
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February 22
  Professor Douglas Wright, Drexel University “Traveling waves in diatomic FPUT lattices” Abstract
March 8

  Professor John Villavert, University of Texas-Rio Grand Valley “Some Open Problems for Weighted Elliptic Equations”Abstract
March 15   Spring Break
April 5
  Professor Mikhail Klibanov, University of North Carolina–Charlotte Abstract
April 12
  Professor Amnon Meir, Southern Methodist University Abstract
April 19
April 26
  Dr. Alejandro Aceves, Southern Methodist University Abstract

Small changes/shifts in the dates may be possible.

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