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Mathematics Colloquium - Fall 2010
3-4pm, SEC 204

Current list of speakers. Small changes/shifts possible in the dates.

September 1   Maxim Olshanskii
Lomonosov Moscow State University
  Numerical methods for surface PDEs
September 15   Robert Lipton
Louisiana State University
  Multi-scale analysis and optimal local basis functions for Generalized Finite Element Methods
September 29   Qiang Wu
Michigan State University
  Nonlinear Structure Detection in High Dimensional Data Analysis
October 6   Annalisa Quaini
University of Houston
  Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems with Applications in Cardiology
October 13   Efren Ruiz
University of Hawaii Hilo
  Leavitt path algebras and graph C*-algebras
October 14 Thursday   Cheng Ly
University of Pittsburgh
  Coupling Effects on Noisy Neural Oscillators
October 20   Jay Walton
Texas A & M
  Modeling Atherosclerotic Plaques: Genesis, Growth, Remission and Ultra-sound Detection and Classification
October 21 Thursday   Jari Toivanen
Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, Stanford University
  Efficient numerical methods for time-harmonic acoustic wave propagation
October 27   David Sherman
University of Virginia
  Model theory for functional analysis
October 29 Friday   Daniel Onofrei
University of Utah and MSRI
  Novel techniques for acoustic and electromagnetic field manipulations and their applications
November 3   Michael Wolf
Rice University
  Minimal desingularizations of planes in space
November 10   Charles Epstein
University of Pennsylvania
  A new method for the numerical solution of Maxwell's equations
November 15 Monday
4pm, 646PGH
  Jun-Muk Hwang
Korea Institute for Advanced Study
  Injectivity radius and gonality of a compact Riemann surface
December 1   Hans Othmer
University of Minnesota
  Distinguished Lecture in Mathematical Biology

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