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Computational Science Initiative

The Computational Sciences Initiative at the University of Houston (CSIUH) is an interdisciplinary graduate certificate program aimed at promoting advanced research and education in the Computational Sciences, including numerical algorithms, high performance parallel computing, numerical modelling and simulation with applications in Sciences, Engineering and other disciplines in which computation plays an integral role.

A Computational Sciences Certificate of Completion at the University of Houston is available to graduate degree candidates in one of the participating departments -- Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Finance, Geosciences, Mathematics, and Physics -- and who have selected an independent research project (thesis or dissertation) in which there is a significant computational component.

Course Requirements
Requirements for award of the Masters Certificate of Completion include a total of 9 hours (with grades of B or higher) from the approved list of CSIUH electives (including at least 3 hours from outside their home department) and earns a Masters degree from UH. The Doctoral Certificate of Completion is awarded when a student completes 12 hours (with grades of B or higher) from the approved list of electives (including 6 hours from outside their home department) and earns a Doctoral degree from UH. Students must meet all requirements of their home department. At least one member from the Associated Faculty Committee must be on a student's research committee.

Students entering this program should have at least a Bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, or a scientific discipline. Students from other disciplines will also be considered on a case by case basis, but the following prerequisites are strongly recommended for those students:

Numerous computational resources are available to CSIUH participating students at University of Houston. Among them are a 64 nodes IBM-SP2 parallel machine, a NEC-SX3 vector supercomputer and advanced powerful workstations including SGI Origin 2000.

Interested students should access the program's web page or contact the CSIUH office to obtain detailed information about academic requirements and financial support. CSIUH students must be enrolled in a department from which they receive their degree. In conjunction with the requirements of the home department, the program consists of a common core curriculum and a minimum number of approved CSIUH elective courses. Students entering CSIUH may come from a variety of backgrounds. Admission is based on undergraduate GPA, letters of recommendation, and GRE scores. Several research and teaching assistantships are available through the CSIUH and through the participating departments and colleges. Information about the program, including application materials, can be obtained over the Internet at or by writing to: Computational Science Program, University of Houston, Department of Mathematics, Houston, TX 77204-3476.

Approved CSIUH Elective Courses

CSIUH Coordinators

Roland Glowinski, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and College of Engineering
Yuri Kuznetsov, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Associated Faculty

G. Auchmuty, Mathematics
Y.-C. Chen, Mechanical Engineering
E. Dean, Mathematics
R. Glowinski, Mathematics
M. Gorman, Physics
G. Gunaratne, Physics
D. Jackson, Electrical Engineering
O. Johnson, Computer Science
L. Johnsson, Computer Science
B. Keyfitz, Mathematics
D. Kouri, Chemistry/Physics
Y. Kuznetsov, Mathematics
B. Loftin, Computer Science
R. Metcalfe, Mechanical Engineering
B. Pettitt, Chemistry
R. Rabinovitch, Finance
R. Sanders, Mathematics
R. Wilton, Electrical Engineering

Correspondence and Information
Computational Science Initiative
University of Houston
Department of Mathematics
4800 Calhoun Road
Houston, Texas 77204-3476

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