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Math 2312
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Math 2413
 online, testing on campus
Math 2414
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NOTE:  for those taking the asynchronous calculus- this does not mean "go at your own pace"  the course has set due dates just like the on campus course -- the idea is to give you the flexibility as to when you watch the lecture videos and go to online office hours.  The testing for the online course IS ON CAMPUS unless you are out of the Houston area by more than 100  miles -- then you will need this information to set up your proctoring site:

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Students participating in CTAP have no purchases needed for this course.  However, the following resources are needed:
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Updated: August 15th, 2023


Jennifer J. May, Ph.D.



Department of Mathematics

University of Houston

4800 Calhoun Rd

Houston, Texas 77204


Office:  218B PGH


Email:  jrmay at

 (limited response during summer / winter hours, thank you for your patience)

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UH Dynamical Systems Seminar

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Dissertation Title:  Geometric Conditions for the Recovery of Sparse Signals on Graphs from Measurements Generated with Heat Kernels
PrePrint: [2305.02635] Deconvolution on graphs via linear programming (

Resources for those interested:   Xiaowen Dong - Resources (