Modern Algebra

MATH 6302-01, (15327)), 14:30 -16:00, AH 301
Office Hours (607 PGH):  TTH 12-13,  You can always send email to

Text: Thomas W. Hungerford, Algebra, Springer Verlag , Graduate Texts in Mathematics, vol. 73 (required).  But I will teach the course from my own  circulated classroom notes. Modern Algebra Notes

Optional Reading: Cardinals  and Ordinals. This is a short course on Axiomatic Set Theory.

Prerequisites: Graduate Standing

Course Description: During the first semester we will cover the basic theory of groups, rings and fields with strong emphasis on principal ideal domains. We will also discuss the most important algebraic constructions from a universal algebraic, as well from a categorical point of view.

The second semester will be mainly on modules over principal ideal domains, Sylow theory, free algebras and sums, ultraproducts.

You will receive weekly homework assignments and there will be a Midterm and Final. Homework should be typed.

Grading: Final 60%, Homework 40%

HW 1 TeX file, HW 1 PDF file
HW 2 TeX file, HW 2 PDF file
HW 3 TeX file, HW 3 PDF file
HW4 TeX file, HW4 PDF file
HW5 TeX file, HW5 PDF file
HW6 TeX file, HW6 PDF file