Loic Cappanera

photo of Loic Cappanera

Contact Information

Address:   University of Houston
  3551 Cullen Blvd, Room 641.
  Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall
  Houston, TX 77204-3008
Office:   602 PGH
Phone:   + 1 713 743 1246
Email:   lmcappan <at> central.uh.edu


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Houston. I am part of the Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing group. I received my PhD from the University of Paris-Saclay (France) in december 2015 under the advisement of Professor Caroline Nore and Professor Jean-Luc Guermond.

Research Interests

  • Scientific Computing (numerical analysis and development of algorithms in Computational Fluid Dynamics).
  • Entropy viscosity as a non-linear stabilization method for Navier-Stokes equations.
  • Finite Element Method.
  • Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics (level set method, variable density and viscosity).
  • Magnetohydrodynamics (precessing cylinder, Von Kármán flows, Liquid Metal Battery).
  • Porous media (Black oil model).