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MUSL - Mathematics Undergraduate Student Lounge

MUSL is now located in 11 Fleming Basement. (Photos)

MUSL is a place you can go to study, work with a group on homework, or relax with friends. MUSL is open to all math students at the University of Houston, including both undergraduate and graduate students. MUSL is located in 11 Fleming (Fleming basement). The area is two joint rooms and has whiteboards, a bookshelf with some math textbooks (Note: books do NOT leave MUSL), a Keurig, and several tables and chairs. There is also an adjoining break room with a fridge and more seating space to study. This space may be shared with the other faculty within the suite. Although this space is for quietly socializing and winding down, it is mainly an area for studying.

MUSL Hours:

Dr. Tucker, Dr. Walker, and Dr. Poliak have offices in the same suite as MUSL, and the doors will be unlocked during their office hours:
- Noon-1PM TuTh (Tucker)
- 2-3PM TuTh (Walker)
- 4-6PM TuTh (Poliak)

If you need to use the lounge outside of these times, email Tai McAlister to reserve the lounge and include the following in the subject line:
"(Your Name/Student ID): Access to MUSL (Date & Time)".

MUSL Links

MUSL Rules
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