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Information on my previous 2012 Summer Course Summer 2012 Math 5336 Discrete Mathematics (online)

Information on my previous 2012  Summer Course Summer 2012 Math 6397  Logic with Applications

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 Spring 2015 Math 6303 Modern Algebra, Fall 2014 Math 6302 Modern Algebra 
Spring 2014 Math 4377/6308, Advanced Linear Algebra I, Summer 2016 Advanced Linear Algebra

Link to my older notes (scanned from a now defunct scientific word processor) on Math 4378 Advanced Linear Algebra  These  notes stress the role of the minimal polynomial for the structure theory of one linear map on a finite dimensional vector space. The notes complemented the textbook "Linear Algebra" by Kenneth Hoffman and Ray Kunze. I still think that the Hoffman-Kunze  is still the gold standard of a Linear Algebra Textbook.

Links to previous MAM Online Courses:   Spring 2015 Math 5330 Abstract Algebra (Online)    Summer 2011 3336 Discrete Mathematics ,   2015SU_5336_DiscMath.htm  Fall 2008 Discrete Mathematics II,    Fall 2014 Math 5331 Linear Algebra.htm   

Link to 6300 Cardinals and Ordinals, these notes are a concise introduction to Axiomatic Set Theory