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Houston Summer School on Dynamical Systems

May 14-22, 2014

Lecture notes from all lectures

Slides from Renato Feres's lectures

Slides from Mark Tomforde's lectures

For the second consecutive year, the Department of Mathematics at University of Houston will host a Summer School on Dynamical Systems, which will run from May 14-22, 2014. 

The school is designed for graduate students and will use short lecture courses, tutorial and discussion sessions, and student projects to explore some of the fundamental concepts of dynamical systems.   It will be accessible to students without a background in dynamics, but is also intended for students who have begun studying dynamics and wish to learn more about this field.

The school is funded by an NSF grant, which will cover travel and local expenses for all accepted participants.
Short course topics will include:
  • Probability in dynamics (Matt Nicol)
  • Dynamical systems with hyperbolic behaviour (Vaughn Climenhaga)
  • Convex cones and the Hilbert projective metric (Will Ott)
  • Statistical physics (Renato Feres)
  • Spectral theory of dynamical systems (Andrew Torok)
  • Symbolic dynamics and C* algebras (Mark Tomforde)

A schedule for the school is now available.

List of Participants

Jason Atnip  (North Texas)
Shilpak Banerjee  (Penn State)
Alex Bearden  (Houston)
Mark Bolding  (Georgia Tech)
Tim Chumley  (Iowa State)
Mercedes Coleman  (Lamar)
Scott Cook  (Swarthmore)
Welington Cordeiro  (UFRJ / PSU)
Quinn Culver  (Notre Dame)
Changguang Dong  (Penn State)
Alena Erchenko  (Penn State)
Alex Farrell  (Arizona State)
Eric Foxall  (Victoria)
Thomas French  (Denver)
Brett Geiger  (Houston)
Steven Nate Harding  (South Dakota)
Russell Jeter  (Georgia State)
An Jiang  (Brigham Young)
Wuchen Li  (Georgia Tech)
Marco Lopez  (North Texas)
Juan Morales  (University of Texas Pan American)
Marwen Nefati  (Paris 7 / Notre Dame)
Hongming Nie  (Indiana)
Cody Palmer  (Montana)
Christopher Parzyck  (New Mexico)
Jesus Oyola Pizarro  (Puerto Rico)
Neetish Pradhan  (Mississippi)
Siamak RabieniaHaratbar  (Purdue)
Oleg Rudenko  (Penn State)
Samuel Rudy  (Washington University, St Louis)
Haitao Shang  (Minnesota-Duluth)
Longmei Shu  (Georgia Tech)
Lucia Simonelli  (Maryland)
Yury Sokolov  (Memphis)
Mahesh Sunkula  (Oklahoma)
Yuki Takahashi  (UC Irvine)
Colin Thomson  (Tufts)
Emmanuel Tsukerman  (Berkeley)
Phillip Walker  (Arizona State)
Kelley Walker  (Houston)
Thomas Weber  (Houston)
Corinna Wendisch  (Northwestern)
Grace Work  (UIUC)
Lei Zhang  (Georgia Tech)
Zijing Zhang  (Massachussetts-Amherst)
Junyilang Zhao  (Brigham Young)
Xiaofei Zheng  (Penn State)

Funding for this event is provided by NSF grant DMS-1363024.         NSF logo

Problem sets:
Project descriptions and references

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