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The Information below is intended for UH Math staff and faculty.  Although this information may be useful to others, requests for help from the Administrators is only supported for UH staff and faculty.  Please do not email the Administrators unless you are working for the UH Math Department.


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listdot Activation for Windows and Office
listdot Requests for hardware and/or software
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Employee Information

Job Title
User Support Specialist 2 for the Mathematics Department at the University of Houston, Main Campus

Key responsibilities
Maintain, Upgrade and Repair computers for the department.  Update, Install and Troubleshoot Software, and Implement and Maintain Security measures under Windows Platforms.

University of Houston, Mathematics Department


Contact Information

E-mail address:Snail Mail:
dave@math.uh.eduDave Branda
 University of Houston
Office phone:Department of Mathematics
713-743-72563551 Cullen Blvd
 Houston, TX 77204-3008


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Request service appointment

Check the current maintenance schedule and/or make a maintenance request.


Need hardware and/or software?

Requests for Hardware and/or Software


Solutions for Common Problems

Issues related to users/logons
Help for new users
How to Identify Equipment for UH Property Management

Password Issues
Changing your password in Windows
Changing your password in Outlook
Help with storing/remembering passwords

Default Windows Software for Department Computers
Requests for Hardware and/or Software
How to Unlock PDF Annotator

Laptop Instructions
Installing and Using a Tablet
Tablet Not Working - Blinking Light(s)
Checking the microphone configuration
Disable "Press and Hold" setting for Writing Tablets

Issues related to Windows/Operating System
How to Activate Windows and Office
Collect detailed Information about your PC
How to clean up Windows

Remote Access
Using SSH / PuTTY for remote access
Using WinSCP to copy files remotely

Math Email Migration to UH Email
How to detect if an email is spam or a phishing attempt
Help with Email Retention Policy

Network access for laptop users
How to turn the Wireless on/off in Windows 7


Requesting General Help

If the above links are not relevant to your needs, you may request help by emailing the .


Need help with Malware or Scumware?

Independent comparatives of Anti-Virus software


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