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Spring 2017

General Information: Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am till 11:30am in SEC 105. download pdf file

Teaching Assistants for this course: Ms. Prajakta Bedekar, Office: PGH 343 and Mr. Deepjyoti Ghosh, Office: PGH 345.

Syllabus: download pdf file

Office hours: Mr. Ghosh: Mon, Wed 2pm-4pm in CASA; Ms. Bedekar: Mon, Wed 12:30pm-2pm in CASA; Prof. Canic: Tu, Thu 2pm-4pm in PGH 627.

NEW: THERE IS NO CLASS ON THURSDAY, April 27. The results of the last Quiz can be obtained from TA Prajakta Bedekar, who will be available on Thursday, Aril 27, from 11am till 4pm in her office: PGH 343.

NEW: FINAL EXAM: May 4, from 11am till 2pm in SEC 105.

Homeworks                   Quiz Samples                   Quizzes                  
Homework1 Homework2                   Quiz 1 Sample: download                   Quiz 1: (Answer Key) download                  
Homework3 Homework4 AK                   Quiz 2 Sample: download                   Quiz 2: (Answer Key) download                  
Homework5 Homework6                   Quiz 3 Sample: download                   Quiz 3: (Answer Key) download                  
Homework7 Homework8                   Quiz 4 Sample: Homework8                   Quiz 4: Homework8 Due 2/23/17                  
Midterm Exam 1 (Sample)                   Midterm Exam 1 (2/28/17)                 
Download Practice Test with Answer Key                   Midterm Exam 1 with Answer Key                  

Homeworks                   Quiz Samples                   Quizzes                  
Homework9_AK                   Quiz 5 Sample: download                   Quiz 5: download Due 3/21/17                  
Homework10 AK Homework11 AK             Quiz 6 Sample: download AK                   Quiz 6: download                  
Homework12 AK             No quiz this week.                                    

Midterm Exam 2 (Sample)                   Midterm Exam 2 (4/13/17)                  
Download Practice Test with AK                   Download Midterm Exam 2                  

Quiz 7 (EXTRA CREDIT) DUE April 25, 2017 in class download                  
Practice FINAL EXAM download