MATH 4331/6312 - Fall 2017
Introduction to Real Analysis

    Course Info. View syllabus. Office hours: PGH 604, Tu 11:30am-12:30pm, We 1-2pm.
      Week 1. The topology of Rn. Cauchy sequences and completeness. Open and closed sets.
        Homework Set 1 (Solutions), due date deferred to September 7.
          Week 2. Closure of a set. Compactness.
            Homework Set 2 (Solutions), due September 14.
              Week 3. Heine Borel property and other properties of compact sets. Limits and continuity of functions.
                Homework Set 3, due September 21.
                  Week 4. Discontinuous functions. Uniform continuity. Connected sets.
                    Homework Set 4, due September 28.