MATH 4332/6313 - Spring 2018
Introduction to Real Analysis, II

    Course Info. View syllabus.

    MATH 4331/6312 - Fall 2017
    Introduction to Real Analysis

      Course Info. View syllabus. Office hours: PGH 604, Tu 11:30am-12:30pm, We 1-2pm.
        Week 1. The topology of Rn. Cauchy sequences and completeness. Open and closed sets.
          Homework Set 1 (Solutions), due date deferred to September 7.
            Week 2. Closure of a set. Compactness.
              Homework Set 2 (Solutions), due September 14.
                Week 3. Heine Borel property and other properties of compact sets. Limits and continuity of functions.
                  Homework Set 3 (Solutions), due September 21.
                    Week 4. Discontinuous functions. Uniform continuity. Connected sets.
                      Homework Set 4 (Solutions), due September 28.
                        Week 5. Connectedness and the Intermediate Value Theorem in higher dimensions. Summary of the material in a handout.
                          Exam 1, October 5, in class. When you feel prepared, try a practice run (Solutions).
                            Week 6. Differentiablity and the Mean Value Theorem.
                              Homework Set 5 (Solutions), due October 19.
                                Week 7. The Riemann integral and its properties.
                                  Homework Set 6 (Solutions), due October 26.
                                    Week 8. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, see handout. Normed vector spaces.
                                      Homework Set 7 (Solutions), due November 2.
                                        Week 9. Inner product spaces. Cauchy-Schwarz inequality. Relation between inner product and norm.
                                          Exam 2, November 9, in class. Covers material from the Intermediate Value Theorem (and its higher-dimensional generalization) to normed vector spaces. When you feel prepared, try a practice run.
                                            Week 10. Hölder and Minkowski inequalities for functions and sequences.
                                              Homework Set 8 (Solutions), due Tuesday, November 21.
                                                Week 11. Limits of sequences of functions. Uniform convergence. Completeness of C(K).
                                                  Homework Set 9 (Solutions), due November 30.
                                                    Week 12. Equicontinuity. Total boundedness. Characterization of compact subsets in C(K).
                                                      Final exam. Dec. 12, 11am-2pm, in classroom. Material from Homework Sets 1-9. When you feel prepared, try a practice run (Solutions). Review session on Tuesday, Dec 5, 10am-noon, PGH 646.